The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015, 29 June - 2 July 2015, Manchester Central, UK

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01 Deben_mono.pngCome and discuss your specialist needs for microscope accessories to enhance your laboratory. Learn about what our users are doing with these applications-leading add-ons for research using microscopy.


BSE-SEM detectors

Deben Imperial College set up.jpgImperial College Professors Duncan Bassett and Graham Williams are applying BSE-SEM imaging to identify genetic determinants of bone and cartilage disorders. Describing his choice of detector, Professor Bassett said "We have used the Deben detector on our collaborators microscope for more than 10 years. When we purchased our own TESCAN SEM last year, we wanted to continue to use the best BSE detector available, the Gen5. We particularly like the large detector size with its four quadrant configuration. This delivers an excellent signal to noise ratio."


µXCT XRM in situ tensile testing stages

Deben UCSF cropped.pngThe Ho laboratory at the University of California – San Francisco, is using the Deben CT500 500N tensile/compression stage mounted in a ZEISS Xradia Micro XCT system to collect biomechanical data on dental materials including tissues from humans and other vertebrate systems. As Dr Ho says, "The use of the Deben stage coupled to our x-ray microscope is optimum. Additionally, to be able to perform in situ biomechanical studies under wet conditions, it provides a much needed realistic perspective by allowing measurements closer to physiological conditions."



AMT digital TEM cameras

Deben AMT Lysosomes in 3T3L1 cells.pngThe Microscopy and Histology Facility provide access to assorted technologies to researchers at the University of Aberdeen. One core technique is Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) which was recently upgraded with the installation of a new JEOL JEM-1400 plus TEM with the AMT XR16 ActiveVu camera system from Deben. Talking about his new TEM camera, Facility Manager Kevin Mackenzie said "We are now able to capture much better quality images and with the JEOL TEM we are carrying out tomographic imaging as well. The new camera is easy to use which allows us to more quickly train users in its operation. This is especially important in a multi user facility such as ours."

Deben's web site provides comprehensive product details and applications examples. Visit or call (+44) (0)1359 244 870 and find out how Deben may help you today.

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