The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015, 29 June - 2 July 2015, Manchester Central, UK

Visit Linkam Scientific on stand #411

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linkam_logo_grey 2015.jpgCome and talk to us to see how our range of stages can help you get more from your microscope. Come to our workshops and see some of our systems in action.



Linkam DSC600 system.jpgSeeing is believing! VISTA offers a new approach to thermal analysis by combining standard thermal analysis techniques with image analysis.

Linkam's Imaging Station is at the heart of the VISTA system and can be combined with a number of our stages depending on the type of study being undertaken. e.g. Our THMS Hot Stage, DSC, CSS for Rheology or TST for tensile measurement. When combined with our new DSC600 VISTA hot stage, images of the sample to can be simultaneously captured with the DSC signal during an experiment. An image processing software module using algorithms developed by Cyversa analyses these images to produce thermal curves based upon the changes in sample features observed during the experiment.

Tuesday @ 14:00 Workshop area 1: Seeing is believing! VISTA – A new visual approach to materials characterisation, combining standard thermal analysis techniques with image analysis.

RH 95 Humidity Controller

RH95.jpgExpanding the range of sample control options Linkam have launched the new RH 95 Humidity Controller. This was developed in response to requests from customers to not only be able to measure the humidity but also to be able to control the humidity around their sample together with temperature.

The RH95 quickly controls humidity inside a Linkam stage or any other sealed chamber up to a volume of 2000 cc from 10 to 90% RH.

Humidity control is a vital part of material characterisation in a wide range of applications where moisture can play a key role in chemical and mechanical properties of a sample. These include pharmaceuticals, wood and paper, adhesives, art conservation, food and freeze drying, biomaterials.....

The RH95 can be combined with our VISTA systems and a range of stages to provide the perfect solution for materials characterisation.

CMS196M Motorised Cryo Correlative Stage

CMS196M_hi_res.jpgBuilding on the great success of the original CMS196 Cryo-correlative stage for CLEM, Linkam have now launched the new, fully motorised version. The new CMS196M includes a fully automated XY mechanism with high resolution optical encoders ensuring precise co-ordinate location. Combined with our new software and range of cameras, it is now easy to capture high resolution maps of the entire grid. The new optional independent LN2 Dewar provides long term unattended operation.

Wednesday @ 11:00 Workshop area 1: Cryo-CLEM. Contamination-free Cryo-fluorescence.

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