The Microscience Microscopy Congress 2015, 29 June - 2 July 2015, Manchester Central, UK

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Commercial Workshops

Great training, and they are free to attend

mmc2015 will continue the acclaimed programme of special "hands-on" workshops. They enable the visitor to learn more about the practical details of the conference topics and microscopy in general.

The workshops will all take place on the exhibition floor in the four workshop theatres from Tuesday 30 June - Thursday 2 July. Each session will run for approx 45 minutes.

Workshops are FREE for all visitors at mmc2015 to attend. You won’t need to pre-register, just make sure you turn up on time to ensure you have a seat.

Please find the commercial workshop programme below.


Tuesday workshop area 1 workshop area 2 workshop area 3  workshop area 4
1100  Prior Scientific - Microscope Automation  DENSsolutions - Imaging kinetics at atomic level    
1145    Bitplane AG - What is new in Imaris 8: data manager, intergrated batch processing and data mining  Cairn Research Ltd - Simultaneous fast scanning TIRF and targetted laser illumination  TESCAN-UK -  Serial block face imaging using a Xe-plasma FIB-SEM system
1230 Leica Microsystems  Kleindiek Nanotechnik - Micromanipulation in Microscopy: Handling and Characterising Nano Structures  SCIENION AG - Hight-Throughput TEM: load multiple liquid samples onto a single grid FEI - Multidimensional in-situ S/TEM imaging and analysis - Challenges and Solutions
1315 VisiTech International Ltd. - Instant Selective Illumination Microscopy (iSIM)   Exprodo Software - Calpendo: The Intelligent Core Facility Management and Booking System  ISS Group Services - A novel method for automating serial sectioning for volume microscopy  Gatan UK - Latest Advances in EELS Acquisition and Analysis 
1400  Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd - Seeing is believing! VISTA – A new visual approach to materials characterisation, combining standard thermal analysis techniques with image analysis  CoolLED - Don’t be LED into believing that it’s all about the light source: Maximising fluorescence performance with correct selection of filters.  Hamamatsu Photonics -  W-View Gemini & ORCA Flash4.0 LT: The perfect partners for simultaneous dual-wavelength imaging  Quorum Technologies - Recent advances in sputtering and carbon coating techniques 
1445  Klocke Nanotechnik presented by Acutance Scientific - Nanorobotics, from in SEM/FIB Nanoworkbench to nano-precise Micro Production Systems  Photometrics & Qimaging  Olympus - Multiphoton Microscopy at its Best -  The High-Speed and High-Precision Fluoview fvmpe-rs System  EDAX, Ametek - New methods for the interpretation of mappings
1530    Indigo Scientific - Jenoptik‘s new microscope camera for Life Science. Get the most from your microscope workstation  Renishaw - Raman confocal microscopic imaging – a powerful label-free tool for life sciences research  Thermo Scientific - Phase mapping, statistics and COMPASS
1615  Protochips - Frontiers in Atmospheric in-situ Microscopy 

 Andor MSD - Diskovery-A new platform for multi-modal imaging

 DELMIC BV - Combining Light and Electron Microscopy for Better Results  JEOL - Versatile Solutions for Modern Analytical Instruments – TEM
1100  Linkam Scientific Instruments Ltd - Cryo-CLEM. Contamination free Cryo-fluorescence.  Photometrics & Qimaging   Cairn Research Ltd -Real time super resolution image acquisition  Lambda Photometrics Ltd
1145  Andor Technology - Fast and Sensitive Cameras for Microscopy  NanoMEGAS - Precession Electron Diffraction Applications in TEM : from crystal structure determination to orientation imaging and strain mapping at nm scale   Bruker Nano GmbH - Advanced EDS and Micro-XRF Analysis Using Spectrum Imaging, Computer-Controlled SEM and an Annular SDD  Hitachi High Technologies
1230  JEOL - Versatile Solutions for Modern Analytical Instruments – SEM  Carl Zeiss - Automated Correlative Tomography using 
X-ray Microscopy and FIB-SEM 
 FEI - Cryo TEM Tomography workflow solutions… What’s New?  
1315  Andor MSD - Deep Confocal Imaging without the need for multi-photon lasers CoolLED - Don’t be LED into believing that it’s all about the light source: Maximising fluorescence performance with correct selection of filters. Thermo Scientific - Smarter spectroscopy with WDS: When EDS isn’t good enough   BioStatus Ltd - Real-time Cell Health Monitoring by Fluorescence Microscopy
1400  EMSIS GmbH - New high-speed and high-resolution TEM cameras and software solutions by EMSIS  Leica Microsystems    Bitplane AG -  Imaris Application: learn how to segment EM and quantify images  TESCAN - UK - MHM – Q-PHASE
1445  Imagic Bildverarbeitung AG  Science Photo Library - The Bigger Picture   Hamamatsu Photonics  - ORCA-Flash4.0 V2: A high speed sCMOS camera for demanding life science applications  EDAX, Ametek - EBSD resolution from low to high magnification
1530    Science Photo Library - The Bigger Picture  Olympus -  Dedicated Objectives – Expert Optics for Expert Users   BAKER Ruskinn - The importance of creating a controllable hypoxia environment for cell biology based applications
1615    Indigo Scientific - Jenoptik‘s new microscope camera for Life Science. Get the most from your microscope workstation  RMC Products  - A novel method for automating serial sectioning for volume microscopy  
 1700      RMC Products  - A novel method for automating serial sectioning for volume microscopy  
1100    Bitplane AG - Imaris Application: learn how to segment and quantify your time - lapse data sets Andor Technology - Mosaic Infinity (better title to be provided)  Rigaku Europe - nano3DX: high-contrast & high-resolution X-ray CT 

Interested in booking a workshop?

Workshops are only available to exhibiting companies. More details and the workshop booking form are available by clicking here.

Already presenting a workshop?

Please find details below for hosting your workshop(s) at mmc2015:

  • Each workshop theatre will have a plasma screen and laptop included. Please bring your presentation on a USB stick. We will supply power and VGA leads as standard for all connections between laptops and screens/projectors. Please note that if you intend to bring your own Mac to connect to the plasma or projector screens you will need to bring your own VGA adapter cable that will convert the signal from Mac to VGA which is specific to the model being used. It would also be a good idea, to bring your own power lead as we do not carry spare Mac accessories on site.
  • Along with a workshop programme booklet included in the delegate bags and in the exhibition hall, the workshop theatres will have a programme of the sessions that day available for delegates to view.
  • You will have the opportunity to scan the badges of the attendees to your session using a lead scanner available in the theatre. A steward will be available at the beginning of the session to ensure you know how to use it.
  • The data from the lead scanners will include delegate names and email addresses and be sent to you via email after mmc2015. 

If you have any questions, please contact Chloe Goode.

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