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Looking to enhance your carbon coating capabilities?

Posted by: mmc_office at 12:00 pm on June 22nd, 2015

Quorum logo no URL.jpgQuorum Technologies has recently enhanced the carbon coating capabilities of it market-leading Q series to give even greater control of evaporation processes.

Controlled pulse carbon cord evaporation Now installed as standard on Quorum Q150T (E and ES) and Q150R (E and ES) models, the new controlled profiles ensure carbon is evaporated in short pulses. This significantly reduces the amount debris (large carbon fragments) associated with traditional carbon "flash" evaporation. Plus it allows carbon cord evaporation to be accurately controlled using the optional film thickness monitor (FTM) accessory.

Controlled ramped carbon rod evaporation This new precise method of control has two important benefits. Careful control of evaporation allows precise control of carbon thickness (with or without the optional film thickness monitor). In addition the quality of the resulting carbon films is enhanced by the eradication of "sparking" that is a common feature of less advanced coating systems.

To find out more attend the Commercial Workshop (area 4) at 14:00 on Wednesday 1st July:

“A quality approach to carbon coating for TEM and SEM" by Trevor Groves of Quorum - and see the Q series of coaters in action on stand 503

Q300T_8361 smaller.jpg

The Q Series of sputter/carbon coaters

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